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The Secret To Relieving Your Headaches May Be Here...

"Discover How To Get Rid Of Your Headaches The Safe and Easy Way!

Imagine...Your Headaches Are Gone...Life Is Better...And You Can Finally Rest Knowing The Hidden Problem That Was Causing Your Aching Head!               

   I'm happy to say that, if you suffer from chronic, never ending headaches, migraines, or any head pain whatsoever, you may have just stumbled upon the most critical piece of information you've ever read! Yes, you're about to discover the true reason why many people suffer from headaches, but I have to warn you, when you read what I'm about to reveal to you, it may shock you.                    

You're going to be shocked, thrilled and blown away--all at the same time! When you see the true culprit behind many excruciating headaches you will be thrilled, but it's going to shock you and blow you away because of how easy it may be for you to relieve your headaches!                   

You'll scream to yourself wondering why you haven't received this information sooner! Why maybe you're doctor, your friends, or even your specialist didn't tell you about this simple, safe and easy pain relieving process outlined in this report.                   

Believe or not, most doctors don't know about this for one good reason: they don't help many people relieve headaches! What you need is real answers from a headache from someone that does it for a living. And that's exactly what you're going to get here.                  

I'm going to hand you everything you need to do to safely and easily relief your headaches! In order to do this, you must do one tiny thing must read the next statement carefully, and then whole heartily agree to empathically answer "yes!":

"Are You Really Ready To Totally Forget Everything Everyone (Yes, Even Your Doctor) Has Told You About Relieving Headache Pain?"

  If not, nothing I tell you will matter and you'll waste the next 3 minutes listening to me babble about headache relief and do nothing about applying the information to help yourself.                

What I'm going to speak with you about it factual truth. My name is Dr. Kellen and I help people get rid of headaches for a living.                 

In other words, I treat and help headache sufferers everyday. I help people like you relieve their headaches and get their life back.               

Chances are, what you've heard about headache relief in the past is what I call 50/50 information....50% Wrong And 50% Someone's Opinion.....No Factual Proof...Mostly A Bunch Of Old Wives Tales!               

I'm happy to share with you the "truth", without hype, without guessing, without fluff. I'm kind of angry because many of my current patients started out being fooled. They were hopeless.               

They thought headaches were genetic or some weird side effect of food they ate or some other fallacy.  "It doesn't have to be that way", I'd tell them when they first didn't believe how fast I could possibly help them. Now many are living a life pain free without headaches. I'm telling you the may not have to suffer anymore!

 You must be sick and tired of headaches and sick and tired of hearing the same thing everyday.....By now, I'm sure you agree...

" Headaches Ruin, (And I Mean Ruin,) Everything!"

   Does any of this sound familiar? I'm sure you hear yourself saying things like this in conversations everyday...

·"I have a headache again!"

· "My head hurts!"

· "Mr. or Mrs. Supervisor, I won't be in today, I have one of those headaches...again."

· "I can't go out tonight, my head hurts again!"

· "I can feel a pulse in my head! What's wrong with me?"

· "It feels like I have a headache in my eye!"

· "My head hurts...all the way down into my neck!"

· "Didn't I just have a headache the day before yesterday?"

· "I'm nauseas, my head hurts...why does this happen all the time?"           

Maybe you've been experiencing splitting headaches your whole life and just have learned to accept them. Maybe you've become so used to taking aspirin or pain reliever that you've learned to depend on them thinking it's the only way you can survive.             

If any of the above sounds familiar, your body is acting in a way that it's not supposed to. You may feel that headaches are normal. A part of life. They shouldn't be. (Even if your day to life may imply otherwise.)                      

It seems you can have the best day planned, the most exciting night planned, you can be with your favorite people simply trying to have a good time, or maybe even relaxing at home, but then it happens...your headache returns and causes not only uncomfortable, pressure and pain, but also a chunk of life gets removed from each of your experiences. You're missing out. Your headaches are truly affecting your happiness and piece of mind.          

It's not worth it, and I'm about to show you how "pain free" may be possible for you. I'm about to give you all the information you need so can you know that you don't have to live like this anymore. You're probably wondering why your head is bothering you so much...

"Here's The Underlying Reason For Your Head Pain..."

  I want you to think back for a second, maybe one, two, three even ten years back. Do you ever remembering playing rough house with your kids? Playing football or falling down diving for a softball, or even falling on the basketball court or in the yard?           

ave you been in a car accident? Did you ever experience any type of trauma (minor or major) within the past 10-20 years? If you answered yes to any of these, you be suffering from a typical headache that 90% of doctors and so called specialists's call a Cervicogenic headache. Just a fancy way of saying a headache, but with "the head" not really being the source of the actual pain.           

These type headaches are sometimes characterized by pain on one side of the head, sometimes with associated neck pain on the same side but not always. Someone with these headaches perceives pain in the head, but the actual source of the pain lies in the cervical spine.           

 I specialize in helping people detect and relief not only these type of headaches, but most types of headaches, by pinpointing the originating source of the headache then carefully abolishing the culprit with a strategic attack at it's core.           

This sometimes instantly relieves the  pain and/or perception of pain in the head or neck area and many people feel better right away. Sound good? Keep reading because these types of headache diagnoses are good and bad.            

 First, they're good because once their addressed properly by a headache specialist like myself, they're sometimes gone in a short period of time.            

They're bad because if the person experiencing headaches don't address the problem soon enough, the type of fast, relieving remedy I can sometimes provide in some situations doesn't work as quickly and effectively (or may not work at all).           

My point is this: if you feel you've been suffering from headaches too long, and they come and go too often, you may have a Cervicogenic type of headache. I can't guarantee it but I'm almost sure. Let me help you try to get rid of the pain and do my best to tell you what's going.           

Here's what I have in mind:           

I would like to offer you an exclusive opportunity for a Headache Pain Consultation. My office is located right here in Hiawatha, IA and we have convenient hours almost everyday of the week. 

You can schedule an appointment quickly and easily by simply calling us at 393-0086 .          

If you decide to see us, we promise to do our best to detect, fix,  possibly relieve your chronic headaches forever, and like so many others, you may be able to start living pain free.

Sign-up using the form or call us at (319)393-0086 to take advantage of this exclusive offer.

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  • "I got a same day appointment,staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. I was in so much pain and in less than 24 hr my pain decreased exponentially! I highly recommend!"
    Ashleah Snyder

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